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McCafé Coffee




TV / OLV / OOH / Radio


Copywriter / Creative Director

Even though it was proven in taste tests, coffee drinkers still couldn't believe that McDonald's coffee was just as good as the more expensive brews found at Starbucks or Dunkin’. We knew the only way to get them to believe, was to get them to try it.  So we developed three award-winning coffee campaigns designed to challenge those negative perceptions.

In 2007, right at the peak of the Starbucks craze, we launched McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee. With a gourmet coffee shop on nearly every corner, and people lined up around the block to overpay for their coffee, we knew we needed to wake people up. So we took our tiny budget and produced this simple campaign that poked some fun at the coffee culture that was starting to brew out of control. This affordable, localized campaign created a lot of buzz around town and made a lot of McDonald's franchise owners very happy. Starbucks executives, not so much.

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