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Even though it was proven in taste tests, coffee drinkers still had a hard time believing that McCafé coffee was better than the more expensive brews found at Starbucks or Dunkin’.


We knew the only way to get them to believe it, was to get them to try it.  So we developed three award-winning campaigns over the course of a few years that got coffee drinkers to wake up to a better cup of coffee.


We launched McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee in 2007 right at the peak of the Starbucks craze. There was a coffee shop on every corner, and people everywhere were lining up just to overpay for coffee.  It was definitely time to wake people up.


This inexpensive local campaign made a lot of noise around town and a lot of McDonald's franchise owners very happy.


Starbucks executives, not so much.

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• Broadcast/Cable TV


My Role:  Creative Director / Writer


After McDonald's rebranded their Premium Roast Coffee to McCafé, we were asked to get the word out. More and more people were trying a McCafé', and liking it so much, that even the doubters started to get curious.


As you'll see in this campaign, maybe a little too curious.

• Online Video

• Broadcast/Cable TV

• Radio

My Role:  Creative Director / Writer


Try Your Own, Dave  :60
Try Your Own, Beth  :60


By this time, most people have discovered McCafé coffee and love it.


But there are still a few stubborn nay-sayers out there who just don't want to admit that McDonald's has delicious coffee at a great price. 


So we decided if we were ever going to get them to change their ways, we needed to call them out and challenge them.


In other words, we had to smack some sense into them.

• Online Video

• Broadcast/Cable TV

My Role:  Creative Director

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