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Good Morning




OLV / Social / Digital / TV / OOH / Website / Radio

My Role:

Creative Director / Copywriter

Mornings... they're not always good. Neither were McDonald's breakfast sales at the time. So to make mornings better for everyone, we decided to take McDonald's breakfast to the streets and put smiles on the faces of hundreds of unsuspecting people all over town. And of course, we captured every bit of it.

This integrated, localized campaign was so successful for the St. Louis market, that other McDonald's markets started asking for it. So we took our idea on the road and localized the campaign across a dozen other markets across the country. And suddenly, mornings started to look a lot better for everyone. Guest counts went up, market share was stolen, and our simple idea of "bringing breakfast to the people" resulted in the largest national sales increase by any breakfast campaign in McDonald's brand history. 

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